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SerenitySleep Solutions

At SerenitySleep Solutions, we prioritize your comfort and finding the right
solution for YOU the first time. We have brought in many of the best “bed-in-a-box”
brands from the internet for you to try them out. Looking for a standard mattress
like Kingsdown? We’ve got you covered! Buy with satisfaction with our exclusive
Sleep On It” policy.

Bed-In-A-Box Mattresses

Brands like BedTech and Malouf

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Standard Mattresses

Brands like Kingsdown, Eastman House, Eclipse, Harvest, and Englander

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Sheet sets, pillows, mattress protectors

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  • Mellizo

    38" x 75"

  • Doble XL

    38" x 80

  • Lleno

    54" x 75"

  • Reina

    60" x 80"

  • Rey

    76" x 80"

  • Rey de California

    72" x 84"

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